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Brexit: Now Is The Time To Shape Our Future

What We Believe In

We believe that the vote for Brexit presents us with a historic opportunity to shape our future.

Whether you voted Leave or Remain, it doesn’t matter.

Now is the time to seize the opportunity and positively shape our future.

1. The democratic result must be honoured

The Referendum gave a decisive and historic popular mandate for the United Kingdom and its government to proceed with a new future outside the European Union. In the shock and surprise that followed, one thing is clear: this was not a victory for any individual politician or viewpoint. People took to the ballot box and voted to Leave a political institution that they no longer feel represents them.

17,410,742 people voted to leave the EU in a record turnout of voters. Large numbers of people who are disillusioned with politics voted. This decision must be respected and followed through.

There is strong pressure to discredit, overturn or ignore the decision for Brexit. We call on politicians of all stripes to respect the will of the people and act in accordance with the popular mandate.

2. The democratic spirit can become a living reality

The EU Referendum generated real debate about the big political issues for the first time in a generation. People who don’t normally involve themselves in political discussions debated the issues daily in workplaces, homes and on social media.

The Brexit result sent shockwaves through the political establishment. There is widespread disillusionment with the traditional political parties. ‘Left’ and ‘right’ is increasingly meaningless. Everything up for debate and there is a renewed feeling that politicians need to be accountable to us.

There is a great opportunity to build on the spirit of democracy. To tackle the big issues we face, ideas must be tested in public debate. Young or old, immigrant or not, Remain or Leave, we must engage with the issues that will determine our future. Open debate and public engagement will ensure that ideas and policies are challenged and that decisions reflect the will of the people.

Policies need to be decided on issues ranging from agriculture to immigration to industrial policy and trade. We must have our say.

We seek to foster ongoing public engagement in the big issues – to make the spirit of democracy a living reality.

3. We can shape our own future

We have a choice. Our response to Brexit will define us.

We can either embrace the opportunity presented by the Brexit vote and shape our future. We can find a renewed belief in ourselves and work to build an outward-looking, dynamic and prosperous society.

Alternatively, we can withdraw, complain and look for reasons reasons to say ‘told you so’. As we face challenges and problems, the easy way out is to ‘blame Brexit’. It is a copout and it is self-destructive.

Our society is being shaped by our attitude and approach.

For the first time, it really is up to us.

Whether you voted Leave or Remain, get involved in shaping our future.

Report from the inaugural meeting in Wakefield