When: 6.30pm, Friday 16th September 2016

Where: Victoria Pub, 28 Great George St, Leeds LS1 3DL

Introduction: Andy Shaw (Invoke Democracy Now)

Before the EU Referendum, the government promised that if we voted Leave it would implement the result, and trigger Article 50 immediately.

According to the latest YouGov poll, 69% of people, including Remain voters, want the Government to get on with Brexit.

Yet two months on, there is delay and pressure on the government to kick the referendum result into the long grass. There are growing calls from some on the Remain side to have the result over-turned: whether through parliamentary or legal procedures, or a second referendum. 

The Referendum represented the most important moment in British politics for decades – genuinely inspiring people in away contemporary politics had increasingly failed to do.

And whilst people voted for a variety of reasons, the result primarily reflects a desire on behalf of British people to have greater control over their own fate. As such, this should be a moment that feels pregnant with possibilities to shape our future.

So, how do we ensure that Brexit happens?

How do we take this opportunity to shape our future?

How do we maintain the spirit of democracy inspired by the referendum, and make it a living reality?

Whether you voted Leave or Remain, come and join the debate, have your say and start to take control of your own future.