This weekend .. write to your MP!

On 17 October there will be a debate in parliament after an online petition calling on MPs to invoke Article 50 immediately received more than 100,000 signatures.
Will your MP be there to stand up for invoking Article 50 and defending democracy?

Please write to your MP and find out.
Send us their response and we will publish it.

We’ve not got long..

1. Click on the following link and put in your postcode to find out your MP and their email address
2. Copy the email address into a new email
3. Add “Invoke Article 50 debate on 17th October” as the subject
4. Copy and paste the text of the letter below into the email.
5. Replace the XXXX in the ‘Dear’ line with the name of your MP
6. Replace the XXXX at the end of the letter with your own name, and then send it.
Finally, when you get a reply, please send it to me at this email address. We will publish all responses.


Dear XXXX,
It has now been three months since the EU referendum, when 17.4million people voted to Leave. This is the largest democratic mandate in British history and yet so far no action has been taken to carry out the democratic will of the people.

Since this historic vote, all that the British public has heard from politicians and the media is dithering and delay. As a voter, I find it hugely dispiriting to see politicians respond to such an empowering move in British politics with no clear answer. We are still waiting to find out when Article 50 will be triggered to begin the process of taking the UK out of the EU.

The British parliament is often described as the ‘mother of parliaments’, which makes me all the more concerned about the disregard our current parliament seems to have for democracy — one of our most important political values.

I am a supporter of the pro-democracy campaign Invoke Democracy Now!, which is demanding that the people’s democratic will be upheld through the immediate invoking of Article 50. I am disappointed to see that very few MPs have voiced their support for doing this as soon as possible.

On Monday 17 October, there will be a debate in parliament about an online petition calling on MPs to ‘Invoke Article 50 of The Lisbon Treaty immediately’.

Can I count on you, as my democratically elected representative, to speak up for democracy at this debate, and to oppose any suggestion of a second referendum or any further delay to invoking Article 50?

As a concerned constituent, I am asking for your guarantee that you will fight to protect the democratic rights of myself, all of your constituents and the British people.