This week Supreme Court judges in London are hearing an important case about Brexit. Our independent judiciary – a vital part of Britain’s democracy – will make its decision on whether MPs should vote on the triggering of Article 50.

A growing number of Remain MPs have said they plan to use any parliamentary vote to try and delay or even block Brexit. Such behaviour would be neither fair nor democratic.

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On 23 June a clear majority of people voted to leave the European Union. We didn’t choose the question but we all knew what we were voting for and people now believe the result should be respected.

Pro Remain MPs now have a responsibility to represent the electorate. The country needs to come together and make a success of Brexit. Our businesses need certainty to invest and grow. If Parliament tries to stop Article 50 now, or to attach conditions to the decision to leave the EU, many people like me will feel that democracy in this country has been badly damaged.