An open letter to Wakefield MP, Mary Creagh regarding any votes on #Article50 next week.

Dear Mary,

It is likely that MPs will be asked to vote on Article 50 next week.

Mary, it is disingenuous when you say that you are voting against the Article 50 Bills because of ‘your conscience’. The EU Referendum was not a ‘vote of conscience’. Votes on abortion and stem cell research are votes of conscience. This was a political vote.

Mary, you had an equal vote to the rest of us at the time of the EU Referendum. The turnout was a record high because someone working on the checkout at Morrison’s had an equal say to an Oxford Prof or a Goldman Sachs banker, We were all equal on the day and everyone’s vote counted equally. Mary, you had a vote like the rest of us on 23rd June.

You have voted against Article 50 Bills in the House of Commons. You used your power as an MP to undermine everyone else’s vote in Wakefield.
This is not an ‘act of conscience’ is is an act of power.

The tragedy and irony of a Labour MP undermining democracy itself seems to be lost on you.

You are the only Yorkshire MP who doesn’t appreciate this. Even Greg Mulholland, a Liberal Democrat, abstained.

As a reminder:
Mary Creagh’s majority at the last election = 2,613
Brexit majority in Wakefield in the EU Referendum= 57,288

If you are  decent person and you respect democracy, you should vote for the Article 50 Bill next week in the House of Commons. If you decide to vote in support of the Article 50 Bill out of self-preservation or because you have decided to start respecting your constituents, please make the right decision next week.

12th March 2017