In July, our negotiations to exit the EU will start. We know that they will be tough. Some in the EU want Britain to pay a high price for leaving.

Most people in Britain want to see a successful negotiation and a free trade deal. We voted to regain control over our own law making and the success of these negotiations is crucial for our democracy.

This election is unusual and it’s outcome is crucial. We urge people to suspend their loyalty to a particular political party and vote on principle. Which candidate will most support our government in negotiations with the EU? Which candidate respects democracy?

Here are 5 questions to pose to all candidates standing in the election:

1. Whether you campaigned to leave or remain in the EU, do you accept that Brexit must be implemented and we leave all EU bodies which overrule our sovereignty?

2. Our negotiations with the EU start in July, they will be tough, Will you be supporting UK negotiating team when there are conflicts with the EU?

3. Do you accept that in any negotiation, you only have a strong hand if you are prepared to walk away and have the confidence to do so? Will you support the UK government in this approach?

4. If the EU continues to demand a massive ‘exit bill’ payment in exchange for a free trade deal, will you reject the EU’s demands and support the UK government negotiating team?

5. Will you work with people in your constituency to find and seize opportunities presented by Brexit? Will you work to make it a success for your constituents?

Vote on principle. Vote for the Brexit candidate


28th May 2017