General Election – Join the Campaign

We the undersigned believe that the General Election should be fought on the real political dividing line in the country: whether our decision to leave the EU is respected and enacted, or disrespected and ignored.  This election creates an opportunity to bring our representatives into line with the will of the people and remind them that ultimately they are accountable to us, the electorate.

We will support those candidates who are genuine democrats.  Candidates who believe that they are bound by our decision to leave.  Candidates who want decisions about the UK to be made in the UK by elected and accountable representatives. These principles cut across political party lines and are more important than allegiance to any one party.

We will also be campaigning against anti-democrats who would bypass democracy by willfully ignoring our instruction to leave.  Candidates who are prepared to sacrifice anything to retain the kind of technocratic top-down rule that the EU represents. People who have argued for the breakup of the UK (the SNP) or who believe that London should become a city-state if we leave the EU (David Lammy MP).  Those who endorse the bullying interference in the election by eurocrats like Junker.

We will vigorously contest their supporters in the media and academia who responded to the referendum result with a vile outpouring of elitist anti-democratic sentiment. People who argued that the electorate were too stupid, too old or too bigoted to be trusted to make a major decision.  People who believe that the majority are a “mob” and democracy itself merely “mob rule”.

We believe that this is an election about the very principles of democracy:  that when the majority make a decision it should be enacted by our representatives.  That decisions and laws governing UK citizens should be made in the UK by representatives who are elected by and accountable to us.

The referendum result was the largest political mandate for anything, ever, in the UK.  That mandate must be respected and enacted by our representatives.

In addition we make this appeal to democrats in the EU27: join us in our campaign for democracy.  The EU is an unaccountable and unelected body that only represents itself.  It is incapable of representing us, you, or indeed any of the peoples of Europe.

On the 8th June we the undersigned urge you to vote for democracy, more importantly, we urge you to join us in campaigning for it.

David Axe – Invoke Democracy Now

Ceri Dingle – Director WORLDwrite

Rafe Heydel-Mankoo – Poles for Britain

Pasha Khandaker – President BCA (Bangladeshi Caterers Association)

Leavers of London

Brendan O’Neill – Editor of spiked

Robert Oulds – Director of the Bruges Group